Roof Maintenance Checklist San Diego

Autumn Roofing Maintenance Checklist San Diego

Today we celebrate the first day of Autumn in San Diego. While we don’t get much of the seasonal change as most of the country, it will be a warmed welcome to enjoy some cooler weather for some time. I am sure our crew will agree with us too!

San Diego is notorious for having awesome weather! We tend to forget about our homes and the care and maintenance that is needed, only to put it off for another day at the beach. Autumn is a great time to do a little maintenance on your roof, especially with all the talk about El Nino (a little humor for your day) that might be coming this winter. We put together an Autumn roofing maintenance checklist for San Diego and the southern California region.

Here are few items to look for when doing your visual roof inspection:

*Please note we do not advise you to crawl up on your roof, doing a visual inspection from the ground can be enough, or call a professional roofer (760) 593-0300 for a little extra help.

Shingles: Look for any shingles that may be damaged, broken, curled, worn down, discolored or slipped from their position. Also take note of the last time your roof was replaced or installed, sometimes the life of your roof is ready to expire (for example: if your roof is 25 years or older, it may be time to have it looked at by a reputable roofing contractor (760) 593-0300).

Tiles: Look for any tiles that may be broken, or slipped out of place.

Metal Roofing: During a COOL period in the day look for warping and listen during high winds for any clapping.

Attic: Look for water stains along the underside of the ridge, vents, and where any penetration might have occurred due to long nails. Look for any insulation gaps or signs there may be animals in your attic. Also look for any signs of mold, mold can be a result of a leak and high temperatures within the attic.

Gutters: Time to check to see if those gutters, that never get used here, have any leaves or debris that might be clogging the channels and downspouts. Clogged gutters during the rain can cause water to pool and damage the roofing.

These next two suggestions might be a little difficult to see from the ground, a pair of binoculars may help or call us (760) 593-0300 to help you out.

Flashings: Flashings can be typically found around skylights, chimney’s, and vents. You need to look for bent, out of place or non-existent flashings. Leaks may also occur if these flashings are damaged on your skylights.

Vents: Look for any cracked sealants, slipped or out of place vents, or damage due to an animal that made a home in your attic.